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Shantikunj is a pilgrim center of millions of Gayatri Pariwar members. It is situated amidst serene beautiful location, in the shadow of the Himalayas and at the lap of Holy Ganga. It is at a distance of 6 km from Harwar Railway Station on Rishikesh Road in Saptasarover Area. This Ashram, imbued with spiritual power generated by the mighty Tap-Sadhana (Penance) performed by Yug Rishi Pandit ShriRam Sharma Acharyaji and Mata Bhagwati Devi Sharma. It disseminates knowledge of the art of living (Sanjeevani Vidya) to the people at large through Gayatri and Yagya, which are the two basic pillars of Indian culture.

A magnificent temple of Gayatri-Mata and idols of Sapt-Rishis (Ancient seven eminent saints) are located here. In the presence of Akhand-Deep (Uninterruptedly lighted ghrit lamp) lit in year 1926 by the Patron-founder Pandit ShriRam Sharma Acharya, 2400 crores (24000 millions) of Gayatri Mantras have been recited. It is the origin of all-important achievements of Gayatri Pariwar. The mere sight (darshan) of this Holy Deepak emancipates one from wordily bonds.

Shantikunj has been developed as a spiritual sanatorium where practical guidance is given to make one’s body, mind and inner-self healthy and elevated. Hundreds of sadhaks perform Gayatri-Yagya daily in nine-kundi yagyashala of the Ashram. All the Sanskars viz. Annaprashashan, Vidhyarambha, Upanayan, Marriage, Vanprashtha, Shradhakarm, etc. are performed here free of charge.

Nine days spiritual training sessions are held here throughout the year in which it is explained how mysterious elements of spiritual science can be understood, assimilated and practiced in day to day life.

Ancient Ayurveda has been revived in Shantikunj and more than two fifty rare medicinal plants have been preserved and are available in powder form for all. The incumbents are examined free of cost physically, psychologically by a team of qualified doctors and are advised about sadhana.

Program of spiritual upliftment and moral resurgence are launched by about 1 million selfless volunteers of the mission throughout more than three thousand magnificent Shakti Peeth, which have been built all over the world through Shantikunj.

Shantikunj runs a Svavlamban (Self-reliance) School in which free training is given in various small cottage industries schemes to eradicate poverty and make people self-relying.

Five day special camps are held in Shantikunj and officers of Federal and State Governments are trained by learned specialists in moral education, intellectual refinement and personality development. So far more than twenty thousands officers have been benefited by this training.

Although run by invisible divine power, this huge mission is managed by Anshdan (Donation of money) and Samaydan (Donation of time). Devoted Parijans contribute one to four hours time daily and one day’s earning in a month for righteous activities of this mission. Five hundred highly qualified workers live here permanently with their families. They accept honorarium just enough for the maintenance of an average Indian family.

More than three thousand books have been written and published by Param Pujya Gurudev Pandit ShriRam Sharma Acharyaji on the great science of Gayatri, the art of living, personality development, social reconstruction, moral education and various other aspects of life. The complete works of our Gurudev has been published in 108 big volumes of Encyclopedia Britannica size. The magazines Akhand Jyoti and Yug Nirman Yojna in Hindi and Yugshakti Gayatri in Gujarati, Marathi, Udia, Bangla, Tamil and Telegu languages are published from here, which are read not only in India but throughout the world by about more than 5 million people.

Brahmavarchas Research Institute has been established here to conduct scientific research on the power of sound in relation to the science of Gayatri yog-sadhana and Yagya urja(Aura). Experiments are conducted regularly in a well-equipped laboratory. There is a huge library with a rare collection of ancient Indian Scriptures.

Shantikunj is an establishment, which can truly be called a real place of pilgrimage. Everyone who visits this place returns fully gratified with an ambition to come again to get spiritually charged in its beautiful celestial environment. All are cordially invited to visit this Ashram. If you are thinking to attend the programe at Shantikunj please contact Vatika Shaktipeeth.

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All World Gayatri Pariwar
Shantikunj, Haridwar

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