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Gayatri Mantra
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Gayatri Mantras

What is a Gayatri mantra, It is a jewel among the treasures that is handed down from generation to generation. To be initiated into this sacred mantra is a great privilege. The sound or even the thought of the Gayatri's verse sets grace in action. Those who are called by her are initiated into her power by the Master.

The Gayatri Mantra is first recorded in the Rig Veda (iii, 62, 10) which was written in Sanskrit about 2500 to 3500 years ago, and by some reports, the mantra may have been chanted for many generations before that. Gayatri Mantra is a highly revered mantra in Hinduism, second only to the mantra Om. Since all the other three Vedas contain much material rearranged from the Rig Veda, the Gayatri mantra is found in all the four Vedas. The deva invoked in this mantra is Savitr, and hence the mantra is also called Savitri.

Gayatri is typically portrayed as seated on a red lotus, signifying wealth. She appears in either of these forms:

1. Having five heads with the ten eyes looking in the eight directions plus the earth and sky, and ten arms holding all the weapons of Vishnu, symbolizing all her reincarnations.

2. Accompanied by a white swan, holding a book to portray knowledge in one hand and a cure in the other, as the goddess of Education.

Gayatri Mantras with different DEV-DEVI's:

RAM Gayatri : Om Dashrathputray vidmahe sita vandanai Dhimahi Tanno ram Prochodyat.
SITA Gayatri : Om Janak nandiney vidmahe bhoomi jaye dhimahi tanno sita prachodyat.
AGNI Gayatri : Om mahajawalaya vidmahe Agni Devay Dhimahi Tanno Agni Prachodyat.
INDRA Gayatri : Om sahshtra Netraya Vidmahe Vajrahastaya Dhimahi tanno Indra Prachodyat.
DURGA Gayatri : Om Girijaye Vidmahe shiv Prijaye dhimahi tanno durga prachodyat.
SARASWATI Gayatri : Om Saraswati vidmahe Bramhaputreeye dhimahi tanno sharda prachodyat.
TULSI Gayatri : Om Tlsaye vidmahe vishnu Priyaye dhimahi Tanno vrunda prachodyat.
HANSH Gayatri : Om Vauishvarai Vidmahe Haigrivaya Dhimahi Tanno Hansh Prachodyat.
HANSH Gayatri : Om Param Hansai Vidmahe maha nasai dhimahi tanno mansh prachodyat.
KRISHNA Gayatri : Om Devakinandanai vidmahe vasudevai Dhimahi Tanno Krishna Prachodyat.
PRITHAVI Gayatri : Om Prithavidevye vidmahe Sahastra Nurutaye dhimahi tanno prithavi prachodiyat.
SURYA Gayatri : Om Bhaskarai vidmahe Divakarai dhimahi tanno surya prachodyat.
SURYA Gayatri : Om bhaskarai vidmahe sahastra kirnai dhimahi tanno bhanu prachodyat.
CHANDRA Gayatri : Om kshirputrai vidmahe amrut tatvai dhimahi tanno chandra prachodyat.
YAM Gayatri : Om surya Putrai vidmahe Mahakalai dhimahi tanno yamah prachodyat.
BRAHMA Gayatri : Om chaturmukhay vidmahe hansha rudhaya dhimahi tanno brahma prachodyat.
BRAHMA Gayatri : Om Chaturmakhay vidmahe kamandaludharai Dhimahi Tanno Brahma Prachodyat.
VARUN Gayatri : Om Jalbimbai Vidmahe Nilpurushai Dhimahi Tanno Varuna Prachodyat.
VISHNU Gayatri : Om ekshurngai vidmahe Maha Matsayay dhimahi tanno vishnu prachodyat.
LAXMI Gayatri : Om Maha Laxmaiye vidmahe vishnu priyaye Dhimahi Tanno Laxmi Prachodyat.
GANESH Gayatri : Om Lambodarai vidmahe Maha devay Dhimahi Tanno dantee prachodyat.
GANESH Gayatri : Om ekdantai vidmahe Vakra tundai dhimahi tanno dantee prachodyat.
KARTIK Gayatri : Om Sanmukhai Vidmahe Maha Senai dhimahi tanno sastha prachodyat.
GARUD Gayatri : Om tata purushai vidmahe suvarna pakshayaydhimahi tanno Garud prachodyat.
VRUSHABH Gayatri : Om tatpurushai vidmahe nandikeshavarai dhimahi tanno vrusabha prachodyat.
SHIV Gayatri : Om tat purushai vidmahe mahadevai dhimahi tanno rudra prachodyat.
SKANDA Gayatri : Om tatpurushai vidmahe Maha senai dhimahi tanno skanda prachodyat.
GOPAL Gayatri : Om Gopalai vidmahe gopijan vallabhai dhimahi tanno gopalo prachodyat.
GURU Gayatri : Om gnanhupai vidmahe gurudevai dhimahi tanno guruh prachodyat.
GURU Gayatri : Om gurudevai vidmahe par bramane dhimahi tanno guruh prachodyat.
DUTT Gayatri : Om digambrai vidmahe avdhutai dhimahi tanno dutt prachodyat.
HANUMAN Gayatri : Om Anjaneyay vidmahe vayu Putrai dhimahi tanno hanuman prachodyat.
BRAHMA Gayatri : Om parameshwarai vidmahe param tatwai dhimahi tanno brahma prachodyat.
ANNAPURNA Gayatri : Om bhagvattay vidmahe Maheshwariya dhimahi tanno annapurna prachodyat.
MAHAKALI Gayatri : Om kalikaye vidmahe smashan vashiney dhimahi tanno A ghora prachodyat.
NRUSINH Gayatri : Om vajra Nakhay vidmahe Tikshna drashtay dhimahi tanno nrusinh prachodyat.
DEVI Gayatri : Om vagdevaye vidmahe kan Rajaye dhimahi tanno devi Prachodyat.
SHANKH Gayatri : Om Panch Janayay Vidmahe Pavmanay Dhimahi Tanno Shankh Prachodyat.
SHANI Gayatri : Om krushnagay vidmahe raviputray dhimahi tanno sauree prachodyat.
RADHA Gayatri : Om radhikaye vidmahe krushna priyaye dhimahi tanno radhe prachodyat.
SAI Gayatri : Om saishavarai vidmahe sai nathay dhimahe tanna anant Prachodyat.
VISHNU Gayatri : Om narayanay vidmahe vasudevay dhimahi tanno prachodyat.
BRAHAMANI Gayatri : Om Devyey bramahanyey vidmahe maha shaktey dhimahi tanno devi prachodyat.
ADITAY Gayatri : Om bhaskarai vidmahe mah dhutikarai dhimahi tanno aditaya prachodyat.
VISHWAKARMA Gayatri : Om vishwarupay vidmahe vishwa karmane dhimahi tanno parbrahma prachodyat.
PITRA Gayatri : Om Pitra Ganay vidmahe Jagat dharinaye dhimahi tanno pitro prachodyat.