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Gayatri Mantra
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Sadhna Movement

Through this Sadhana Movement, after deepening the Sadhana of individual, such devotees are to be prepared who may be able to eradicate evil traits from life and inculcate divine virtues in the society. For eradicating evils and inculcate the divine virtues, Yajna, Deep Yajna, Prgyapuran, Jap-Tap, Chandranayan Sadhana, Brahmbhoij, Mantralekhan, Pilgrimage (Shantikunj, Tapobhoomi, Awalkhera, & to various Shaktipeeths of Rajasthan) are performed.

Reading and pondering over good literature, Shriram Jhola Pustakalaya, Sticker yojana, wall writing like programme are conducted. Monthly Deep Yajna as announced by Respected Dr. Pranav Pandya on 23/24the September 2001 in Churu Prantiya Conference is still continued. The 74th Deep Yajna was performed on 25th Nov. 2007.

  • In order to welcome the New Year, 21 Kundiya Gayatri Yajna was performed on 1-1-2006 in Jaipur City.
  • A series of Panch Kundiya yajna was started.
  • In order to create a yajiya atmosphere in house to house, a training pogramme of Agnihotra was performed.
  • One brochure on weekly Jap -yajna was got published.
  • Every year In the month of August, one padyatra goes from Jaipur to Vatika, parijans from 10 states participate in his padyatra and thus is taking shape from state level to national level.
  • 9 Kundiya, 24 Kundiya and 51 Kundiya Yajnas were performed.
  • In October 2007, The Shaktipeeth Vatika and Shriram Sharnam Snastha jointly successfully conducted 108 Kundiya Gayatri Mahayajna programme in which parijans from other states also participated.
  • In the programme of Art of Living organized by Shri Ravi Shanker Ji Maharaj in Birla Auditorium the Vatika Shaktipeeth did all the arrangements.
  • On completion of 25 years of Vatika Shaktipeeth, silver Jubilee was celebrated from 23-25the December 2005.

The following activities are also being carried out.