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Vyasan Mukti Abhiyan

The Vatika village is located at 25 km away from Jaipur, the pink city of Rajasthan, the heart of the country, which is known as Gayatri Shaktipeeth Vatika. From the olden days, this place has been known as a center of culture & religion, which has maintained its glory even toady. Shri Bansidhar Machiwal, who was a dear disciple of Gurudev Shriram Sharma, donated his house in charity and by doing endless labour, having courage, dedication to the mission, got the Shaktipeeth constructed in a very short period of 10 days only. On 9August, 1980, Shri Banshidharji arranged to get the Bhoomi Pujan of this Shaktipeeth by the hands of a religious couple Smt. Ramjanki & Shri Bhorilalji Baraya (Vaidhya). The idol of Gayatrimata in the form of Ved Mata & Vishwamata was founded by the sacred hands of Yug Rishi Taponisht Pt Shriram Sharma himself. At that time the saga of vision, Yug Rishi Pujya Gurudev, had assured and blessed Banshidharji by saying that: Banshidhar, your horse will run fast." From that date this center is leading toward progress and trying to eradicate additictions and the evil customs from the society.

With the sacred signatures of Param Pujya gurudev, the constitution, aims and the names of the trustees of the Shaktipeeth, were registered on 22-9-80.

To fulfill Gurudev' s resolutions and to fulfill the goals of yug Nirman yojna, to bring the of divinity in human beings and heavenly atmosphere on the earth, the Vatika Shaktipeeth is busy in achieving its goal by doing individual, family & societal refinement by way of ethical Kranti & Thought Kranti. From time to time, for having Darshan and for getting training the Parijans come from far distances. The Yajna, Sanskars, Upasana, Sadhna, Meditation, yog-exercise Satsang are performed daily on regular basis in the shaktipeeth .For public proper boarding and lodging arrangements are there.

Guru Purnima, Raksha Bandhan, both the Nav Ratries and all other important festivals are celebrated here. On 23rd December each year is celebrated as its annual function.

In order to liberate the human beings who are suffering from sorrows sufferings tensions, insecurities, infirmities and complexities and for their spiritual upliftment a two days padyatra has been started from the year 1988 from Gayatri Mandir Tonk Phatak to Vatika Shaktipeeth every year in the month of Savan. During the yatra Bhajans-music, slogans, meetings, and sadvakya lekhan, people are awakened. This padyatra is being conducted from the last 18 years In this padyatra the devotees come not only from the State of Rajasthan but participate from the different other states also and take vow to eradicate addictions and also evil customs.

During the First Ashwamegh Yajna Param Vandiniya Mataji happened to visit Jaipur. Therafter Dr. Pranav Pandya, along with other intellectuals of our mission, from all over the country came here and mentioned their views about Vatika Shaktipeeth in the visitor's book kept there. From June 1997,an office of Gayatri Shaktipeeth has been opened, which is located at Gayatri Kunj, Arya Nagar, and Murlipura. Here 10 parijans are working as lifetime Jeevandani. Here all the facilities to take the mission's work ahead like e-mail, three telephones, lodging arrangements, literature and other missionary goods are there in addition to Yug Pravah CD, all the publications of mission are received here as its life member. After opening the office the momentum has come in the implementation of seven-point programme. In which deliverance of addictions & eradication of evil customs have got a special status. Gayatri Shaktipeeth Vatika has also arranged its own website. In the form of divine inspiration of Param Pujiya Gurudev, from Basant Panchami, 2003, an Akhand Deepak has also been established there.

On 4-11-1996, at the time of addressing the workshop of Regional Agricultural Officers, Rajasthan, at Pant krishi Bhawan Jaipur, The Director of Bramhawarch Research Institute, Kendra Shantikunj Haridwar. Dr. Pranav Pandyaji announced Vatika Shaktipeeth as a center of constructive activities and a proposal was put by the Chief Secretary and present other related senior officers to visit it. Today with the help of your like dedicated living souls the following activities are being carried out.