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Gayatri Mantra
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Gayatri Sadhana

Gayatri Sadhana - Pt. Shri Ram Sharma Acharya

  • The Eternal Origin of Thy Power and Absolute Knowledge - Gayatri
  • What is Gayatri?
  • Divine Arousal by Enunciation of Gayatri Mantra
  • Inner Transmutation and Virtuous Elevation
  • Gayatri - The Deity of Bright Prosperity
  • Gayatri - The Omnipotent Savior
  • Gayatri is Kamadhenu on the Earth
  • Ageless Glory of Gayatri
  • Vital Role of Gayatri Shakti in Human Life
  • Worshiping the Motherhood by Gayatri Upasana
  • A Simple and Safe Mode of Daily Gayatri- Upasana
  • The Spiritual experiment of Japa and Dhyan begins at this stage
  • Contemplation on the Teachings of Gayatri Mantra
  • Shikha and Yagypavita -- Two Sacred Symbols of Gayatri Vidya
  • Grace of the Noble Guru and Initiation of Gayatri Meditation
  • Inevitable Role of Sadhana in Divine-Worship
  • Be Blessed by the Yug Shakti
The Eternal Origin of Thy Power and Absolute Knowledge - Gayatri

Gayatri is the eternal source of thy willpower that motivates the origin and all activities of the visible and invisible forms of Nature. The rivers, oceans, the earth, the moon, the sun and the gamut of other planets, from tiniest particle to the universal expansion., everything is moving because of this cosmic driving force. It is the root of the impulse of life in the blossoming plants and trees that beautify Nature. The force of life in all living beings originates from its presence. Its superior presence in the human beings is reflected in the intellect, which enables the progressive development of the world and ascent of human life. In extraordinary cases, this sublime power is expressed as spiritually evolved pure, discerning intelligence -- Ritambhara Pragya. This enlightened wisdom helps one understand what is right and what is wrong and guides to choose the prudent path to the higher goals of life. This divine power mostly remains concealed in the inner cores of our minds. The determined endeavor of its arousal is termed sadhana. The activation of this subliminal force of Gayatri in the soul links the human self with the divine light and powers of thee.

God is omnipresent in infinite dimensions. Thee is immanent in every movement, every activity, yet remains absolutely unperturbed and stable in the eternity.. The origin of Nature and the creation of the world are manifestation of thy wish to express thyself in multiple forms. The evolutionary impulse of thy will gave rise to this cosmic creation. Being the original...

What is Gayatri?

Being the source of ultimate evolution and beatified salvation of pra˝a, the ┬di Shakt is called Gayatri. The vedic scripture "Aitareya Brahman" describes this meaning as -- "Gayan Trayate Sa Gayatri"; Meaning: That, which protects the gaya (pra˝a) is Gayatri. The scholarly "Shankar Acharya Bhashya" further explains the meaning of Gayatri as -- "Giyate Tatva Manaya Gayatri"; Meaning: the discerning, pure intellect - Ritambhara Pragya, which unfolds the ultimate truth and absolute knowledge, is Gayatri.

Sadbuddhi - the enlightened intellect that enables prudent distinction between the truth and the false, the right and the wrong and guides the righteous decision making, is indeed a unique power, which proves to be superior and more beneficial than any other power or resource in the world. Wisdom or brilliance of mind trained and talented in worldly affairs might serve excellent achievements in materialistic developments. But the glittering success, haughty possessions and luxurious comforts attained thereby do not assure reduction of ego, jealousy, worries, tensions and other complications; and on the contrary, often gravitate the burden of the untoward tendencies and problems in life. No wisdom, no intelligence -- how...

Divine Arousal by Enunciation of Gayatri Mantra

The secret of the supernatural impact of Gayatri Mantra in the physical domains of life lies in its unique configuration of the specific syllables - the seeds of Shabda, which is derived from the esoteric depths of the absolute science of Shabda Brahm-Nada Brahm. The cyclic enunciation of this mantra stimulates the subliminal power centers in the subtle body. The rishis of the Vedic Age were endowed with supernormal vision. They had experienced and experimented on the enormous extrasensory energy pools -- the chakras, upchakras, granthis, koshas, mat-akas, upyatikas and nadis, hidden in the subtle cores in the endocrine glands, nerve bundles and ganglions. Activation of these rekindles rare virtuous talents and supernormal potentials.

The pressure on tongue, lips, vocal cord, palate and the connecting regions in the brain generated by continuous enunciation of the twenty-four special syllables (or words) of the Gayatri Mantra vibrates the nerves and the 'threads' of the vina of the subtle body. The musical flow thus induced titillates the extrasensory power centres. The latter begin to stimulate and a sublime magnetic force arouses in the sadhaka that attracts the vital currents of Gayatri Shakti immanent in the infinite domains. The power-currents of Gayatri are indwelling in the cosmic expansion like the electromagnetic energy waves in the space. The magnetic charge educed by the continuous japa of Gayatri Mantra 'attunes' the sadhaka's mind to link with these supernatural power-currents. Thus, what...

Inner Transmutation and Virtuous Elevation

The extraordinary changes, transmutation educed by Gayatri Sadhana are first experienced in the inner self. These inspire the sadhaka's mind, thoughts and sentiments towards the righteous path. Gradually, the evil assimilation, the vices, the weakness of mind are waned out with a simultaneous increase in virtuous potentials and inner strength. This way, the sadhaka gets endowed with enlightened personality and talents that make his life more blissful, successful and peaceful and nurture righteous progress on the materialistic as well as spiritual fronts.

The excelling of mental tendencies is also accompanied by a positive orientation of attitude that inspires welcome change in every act of life. Straying of mind in agile passions of the sense organs begins to reduce with this healthy development. The greed of the tongue and associated irregular and excessive eating habits come under control. The attraction and stimulation of carnal desires diminish and the mind gradually learns the importance of chastity for protection of vital energy. The...

Gayatri - The Deity of Bright Prosperity

Apart from harvesting virtuous potentials, inner peace and content and thus enlightening the personal life, Gayatri Sadhana enables prosperous growth of the devotee's social life too. The refinement of body and mind (educed by Gayatri) also adorns the external fronts of life with several boons. Because of his increased awareness and wisdom and prudent self-confidence, the sadhaka finds the same circumstances, the same obstacles as supporting and easily resolvable, which were adverse and challenging earlier.

Changing the circumstances of life at will may not be feasible for every one every time. However, changing one's approach and attitude to face the circumstances positively - is a natural sign of farsighted wisdom. Clash of one's imaginations, expectations and the facts of life is the major cause of distress and struggle in varied forms. Wise men always accept the reality with grace and avoid unnecessary troubles, tussles and tensions as far as possible. This prudence is aroused in the sadhaka of Gayatri and makes the movement of his life straight and smooth...

Gayatri - The Omnipotent Savior

Destiny does bring testing moments in one form or the other sometimes in everybody's life.. The stormy winds of the prarabdha of the sinful karmas often appear to blow the eddy currents of crisis and ill omen. The attacks of diseases, disputes, monetary losses, threats, tragedies, etc seem to compete with each other in augmenting the severity of the bad times. It is said that hardship does not come alone. It brings its children and friends along. Entrapped in the web of misfortunes from all directions, most of us would feel helpless, frightened, depressed and almost dead. Fear, anxiety and agony often suppress our courage and further multiply the strokes of the crisis.

Gayatri is Kamadhenu on the Earth

The Puranas and other Shastrik Scriptures mention of the divine cow "Kamdhenu" in the heavens. This milk of Kamdhenu is like nectar, which provides eternal joy and vigor to the devatas. Praying before this angelic cow is said to fulfill all desires.

Gods might know the truth of the Kamdhenu in the heaven. But, it indeed exists on the earth - in our world, as the Almighty Gayatri Shakti. The upasana of Gayatri calms down all passions and endless thirst of worldly attractions. Waning of all the untoward, unnecessary and arbitrary cravings of mind by devotion to Gayatri naturally educes the otherwise unachievable 'Aptkakama' state of -- ultimate fulfillment, beatified content and peace. The noble aspirations and determinations of a devotee of Gayatri never remain unaccomplished. The milk of Kamadhenu is said to remove all sins and sufferings. The sadhaka, under the shelter of Gayatri Shakti also experiences the elixir of its divine inspiration that induces instant light and inner strength and consistently eradicates all tensions, worries and evils from his life...

Ageless Glory of Gayatri

The supreme knowledge of Gayatri is the origin of the Vedic (Indian) Culture.. The limitless powers and infinite radiance of Gayatri have been experienced and glorified by the spiritual saints, sages, scholars and great personalities of all ages.. There could be vast difference of opinions among them on other topics, but the eternal eminence of Gayatri is unanimously sung by all -since the vedic times till the modern days.

The Atharva Veda incorporates a prayer (19|1|71) in praise of Gayatri stating that it grants longevity, energy, power, fame, wealth and divine brilliance (Brahm Tej).

According to Maharshi Vishwamitra, there is no other mantra like the Gayatri Mantra. All the Vedas, yagyas, tapas (devout austerity), charities together are not equivalent even to a small fraction of the supreme potency of the Gayatri Mantra. Manu says that - the Gayatri Mantra, with its three phases, was conceived by Lord Brahma as the essence of the three principal Vedas. No mantra can have the purifying effects like the Gayatri Mantra. Yogiraj Yagyavalkya says - "Gayatri and all the Vedas were weighed in a balance. The scale was found tipped in favor of Gayatri"...

Vital Role of Gayatri Shakti in Human Life

There is no way of glorious success in human life without sadbuddhi. The support of Gayatri in this form is inevitable for all aspirants of progress and blissful prosperity. There is no path to spiritual evolution, realization of God, or ultimate salvation that does not emanate from the spiritual element of Gayatri Shakti. The sadhakas or seekers of God should also note that thee is infinity, beyond all perceptions and thoughts. Thou is omnipresent and loves all without any discrimination.

Worshiping the Motherhood by Gayatri Upasana

Gayatri Upasana is the upasana of the Vi´wamata, Devamata, Vedamata; it is the devotion of the eternal mother.. The deity Gayatri is worshiped in the idol of a Goddess - the divine mother. Mother's love for the child is the most sacred, pure and supreme expression of love. Love experienced in other relationships, howsoever intimate or closed might be is not totally devoid of the influence of selfish attachments and expectations. But mother's love is truly selfless and free from all constraints and perturbations.

Right from the stage of conceiving a child to raising and training him, she bears a lot and gives what all she has for the welfare of the child..; she continues to bless the child with abundant care and love. Her warm love demands no returns, has not expectations.. The saying that "Sons could be bad and ungrateful but the mother is never short in her love.." Elucidates the limitless grandeur of motherhood.

A Simple and Safe Mode of Daily Gayatri- Upasana

Gayatri-Upasana can be performed mentally at any time in any circumstance. It is doubtlessly beneficial in every condition. Nevertheless, performing it regularly and religiously has greater significance and spiritual impact. Any experiment or task if conducted systematically with due concentration and..

The Spiritual experiment of Japa and Dhyan begins at this stage

Japa and Dhyana: Japa means rhythmic enunciation of a mantra at a consistent amplitude and frequency. Several types of japas are described in the ancient science of mantras. The upanshu japa is most suitable for the daily upasana. The enunciation of this japa is such that - the lips and tongue move but the volume of voice is kept so low that even the people sitting besides would not be able to hear it. This type of japa avoids disturbing others and it also supports mental concentration of the sadhaka. Minimum three rosaries (3 X 108 times) japa of the Gayatri Mantra should be performed during...

Contemplation on the Teachings of Gayatri Mantra

Contemplation on the meaning of the Gayatri Mantra during the japa-dhyana helps excellent emotional conditioning. It could be practiced in other times of the day as well. The word meaning of the Gayatri Mantra is as follows: Oam - the Omnipresent, Almighty God, the Brahm; Bhuh - embodiment of vital spiritual energy; Bhuvah - destroyer of sufferings; Swah - embodiment of eternal happiness; Tat - that; Savituh - bright, luminous like the Sun; Vare˝yam - best, most exalted; Bhargo - destroyer of all sins; Devasya - divine; Dhimahi - may imbibe; Dhiyo - intellect; Yo - who; Nah - our; Pracodayat - may inspire.

The meaning of Gayatri Mantra is the universal prayer - "We consecrate (in our souls) that divine, blissful, omnipotent destroyer of all sins and sufferings, ultimate life force. That absolute thy radiance may illuminate and edify our intellect towards the righteous path".

Interpretation of this meaning implies three spiritual faculties - (1) conceptualization and perception of the divine reflection of God; (2) Reception of thy inspirations and the inner spirit of...

Shikha and Yagypavita -- Two Sacred Symbols of Gayatri Vidya

Shikha and Yagyopavita symbolize the distinguished disciplines associated with Gayatri Sadhana. These are embodied at the time of mantra dikchcha (spiritual initiation of the sadhana) of Gayatri. The notion of dwijatva is incorporated in these two; dwijatva implies second birth - the beginning of a new life, from ignorance to enlightened knowledge and spiritual awareness. It is not that one can't perform, or, has some prohibition or constraint in performing Gayatri Sadhana without wearing a yagyopavita and maintaining a Shikha. Every man and woman can practice Gayatri Sadhana, Upasana without any restriction. The piety of mind and heart are the most desired qualities for the devotion to Gayatri Shakti. The observance of the disciplines of Shikha and yagyopavita certainly makes its initiation and accomplishment more adept and facile.

Grace of the Noble Guru and Initiation of Gayatri Meditation

The dikchcha of Gayatri-Mantra Sadhana and the yagyopavita samskara (thread ceremony) are intermittently linked with dedication to a noble Guru. The Gayatri Mantra is referred as the Guru Mantra. In the times of yore, the children used to go to the gurukuls for comprehensive education and training and ideal personality development. The learning of Vedas used to begin there with the dikchcha of Gayatri as the Guru Mantra. Today we may find lots of fake gurus and their variegating, arbitrary guru mantras. But in the ancient age of the divine Indian Culture, the Gayatri Mantra alone was revered for dikchcha.

Dedication to the spiritual master (guru) helps cultivation and development of shraddha and vishwasa - the essential elements for the success of Gayatri Sadhana. The activities associated with the rituals of upasana would be sheer mechanical acts if devoid of shraddha and vishwasa. Without the inner sup...

Inevitable Role of Sadhana in Divine-Worship

The process of japa-dhyana etc in the daily upasana of Gayatri may last only for a small stretch of time every day. But this alone does not suffice for the supernatural effects and spiritual blessings of Gayatri Shakti. Sadhana is essential with Gayatri-Upasana. As food and water, night and day, summer and winter, man and woman are supplementary to mutual existence, so is the conjugation of upasana and sadhana. Upasana would remain incomplete without sadhana.

Sadhana is an endeavor of overall self-refinement. It has to continue round-the-clock. It demands the sadhaka's consistent alertness and discerning observation of his habits, thoughts, every reaction and action to find out if there is any blemish, vice, disorder or infirmity. The soldiers on the front have to be on constant vigil of the enemies' movements and intentions. A sadhaka too is a warrior in the battlefield of his own life. He has to be aware and watchful on every front of life. This determined aptness inculcates sadhana as a natural component of one's life...

Be Blessed by the Yug Shakti

Age after Age, the ┬di Shakti Gayatri descends on the earth as thy savior in different incarnations. Maha Shakti Durga, Maha Kali, Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati, Sita Mata are all its manifestations. Great souls also come into being as envoys of the divine power with all its incarnations. The Parivrajakas of Buddha, the first Disciples of Christ, the Dharmacharyas of Chanakya, the Satyagrahi followers of Gandhi were all the 'messengers', the 'instruments' of the different experiments, the different expressions of this Maha Shakti in the Modern Age.

Today, in the critical phase of Kaliyuga - that appears to be leading to absolute decline and global devastation, there is an alarming need to emancipate people's mind from the deadly influence of Kaliyuga in the subtle world. Spiritual refinement and reorientation of the maligned and perverted minds is the call of the present era.