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Gayatri Mantra
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The Golden Age

In His vast creation God has bestowed the human species with, some unique privileges. Among the innumerable creatures man is the only one capable of having instinctive compassion for the fellow beings. Barring a few self-centred human beings, for whom besides their own experience, no matter or event is of by human miseries like floods, earthquakes and famines etc. On such occasions, empathy implores some individuals to contribute their best to alleviate the situation and a superhuman is born. History abounds in such examples. The well known first-ever Sanskrit poet, Valmiki was inspired to his first verse by an injured wailing curlew bird. Heaps of carcasses of the brutally annihilated sages compelled Lord Ram to take a pledge for deliverance of the earth from the marauders.

The climax of human evolution may be considered as the stage where the field of empathy becomes so pervasive as to encompass the entire biological kingdom. At this stage, the intrinsic human excellence is manifested which is the basic motive force behind services to others. It is also the...